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  • Brio has been on a grain free diet for a couple of months now, and we were so excited to give Tender Tummys a try. He tried six different flavors and loved them all (and he's a tough critic, he'll spit treats out if they're not to his liking!). He always makes sure to do his best sit when he sees his Tender Tummy treats in my hand! Thanks for the delicious treats, Tender Tummys!
    Kaitlyn Anastasi
  • Need I say that Will gobbled the Farmers Market biscuit and the Spinach & Cheddar Cheese. We're on roll, so I ran back into the house for the remaining flavors. I suppose his favorite was the Apple Crisp but honestly, I believe Greek Yogurt won out. Would you believe, Will returned the next day, (on the 4 wheeler of course....(no he wasn't driving), for more biscuits! I sure Will will be making regular visits to our farm now that knows we are serving up the best treats he could ever hope for. Of course Dolly loves them as well. P.S. my personal favorite is, ( yes, people can eat them too silly,) Roasted Tomato and Romano Cheese!
  • Greek Yogurt; Roasted Tomato and Romano Cheese; Peanut Butter Crunch! Are you kidding? What does my farm dog know or care about those flavors anyway? But care she does, and so did the neighbors dog who sometimes runs, but mostly rides in the 4 wheeler with his farmer dad. "Will"has always been shy and cautious around our dog "Dolly", and also us for that matter. What a perfect time to spring a biscuit on him. I figured, if he won't take it, (which would be absolutely normal), no loss......I tried. My first choice was Farmers Market. Surely Will could relate to that! Will never left the 4 wheeler, but as he leaned over his owner to get a whiff, I saw something in his eyes that had previously been missing. TRUST!
  • I have a very finicky dog, Sidney. She's a 14 yeare old black lab with a sensitive tummy and has allergies to additives in foods. I was optimistic when I received a sample of the tender tummy treats from a coworker because of the ingredient list. Sidney is a huge fan of these treats! Her ears perk up, tail wagging and she waits in anticipation every time we pull out the package! She loves all of the flavors but I think her favorites are the peanut butter and blueberry/yogurt. Thank you for making a product that is all natural and healthy for my sweet girl!
  • Thank you very much for the opportunity to try the Tender Tummy's dog treats it was very generous of you to give me a sample bag for my dog Libbie! She really likes the peanut butter crunch and the Apple crisp flavors. It is nice to know that they are all natural and not full of chemicals. I wish you great success in your business venture it's a great idea and there need to meet more products like this out there!
  • My dogs love these treats! Thanks so much!
  • Can't thank you enough for those delicious treats for daisy. She absolutely loved each and every one of them!! and I love that fact that they are homemade in NJ and all natural and good for her. Daisy gives all paws up for them.
  • You were kind enough to give me a sample of your dog treats @ Costco .... Just wanted to let you know, they were a BIG hit ! My Lab loves them !
  • I just wanted to thank you so much for the special treats you gave my dogs! They drool for them! I would be interested in purchasing some more.
April 22, 2016

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April 22, 2016

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